SBS 2013

This Meditation is for Life, no need to Hurry


Spirit Rock Meditation Center Retreat

The Morning Guided Instructions

April 25 to May 9, 2015

Day 1

Every moment is time to meditate

Day 2

See if you can be simple and just know


Thoughts are not a problem

Day 4

How shall we observe the mind?

Day 5

Choose how you will be aware

Day 6

As we keep practicing we will see both reality and concepts.

Day 7

The key to understanding is to keep the mind pure

Day 8

Relax and learn

Day 9

Wisdom’s nature is clarity and certainty

Day 10

How am I going to live today?

Day 11

We practice how to speak without defilements

Day 12

Our intentions help us transition with awareness

Day 13

We can be moving and still develop samadhi