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Day 2
See if you can be simple and just know

Spirit Rock Meditation Center Retreat, April 25-May 9, 2015

Translation from Burmese by Ma Thet and transcription and editing by Douglas McGill

Just continue your meditation.

You don't need to try and listen, just pay attention to your own objects whatever they may be, and you will hear what needs to be heard.

Without looking, although we don't try to look, seeing still happens as long as our eyes our open. Similarly, we don't have to listen, hearing will still happen.

Even if we don’t pay very close attention we can still know whatever is going on. Remember that it's in the mind that is meditating, in the way you are aware, that there needs to be wholesome qualities.

If you can, if you see wanting and dissatisfaction in the way that you are trying to be aware, let it go if you can. See if you can just be simple and just know.

That awareness can be quiet and calm, and yet alert and interested in what it knows.

Are you clear about what you are aware of? Is there a clear feeling of knowing?

Let the experiences come as they may, whatever happens in the body and the mind that you are knowing. Let it be, as it is.

Notice the difference between what is knowing, and what is being known.

Notice they have different roles and different natures. To know versus to be known.

The object shows its nature, so you don't need to control it or manipulate it.

It doesn't have to be anything other than what it is because that is its nature.

You just observe it. That observing needs to have right view and to be persistent. It needs to keep observing.

Don’t have trouble with what you are experiencing. Don’t complain about experience, appreciate that it can be known. Appreciate awareness every moment.

What is our endeavor? It is to know, to be aware, to awaken. Every moment that we bring awareness to life, weakens the darkness of delusion.

You can recognize how you feel. It's good to check in with how you are feeling every now and then.

How do you feel? Are you being aware or are you just thinking?

Don't forget to always meditate, to always be in meditation, every moment there is room for awareness. Not just when you sit.

Every moment, this is critical. This is because the continuity of awareness is so important, as much as you can muster, it is so important.

Whatever you do, know yourself and do it, know your action as you do it, know how you feel as you do it. Take the dhamma seriously. Practice it with dedication.