Wanting with a wholesome mind, not with craving

| Kalaw Retreat 2016 Day 4 Dhamma Discussion Group D File: 20160331 (58:14-58:43)

Craving wants; and wisdom also wants. Wisdom knows that this is right, this is good; it knows, that’s why it wants. But delusion is different – delusion thinks that it is good; that’s why it wants. Think and know are different. Think is don’t know. Know is knowing clearly what is right or wrong; that’s why it wants. 


Wanting is not always craving. Wisdom and craving have their own characteristics; their quality of mind will show you. Wisdom wants because it knows that it is right, it is good; that’s why it knows that it wants. When wisdom wants, the mind does not suffer, the mind is not tense and good energy comes – there is interest and the mind is awake, that’s why the energy is good. 

But when craving wants, the mind is tense. Craving simply wants; it doesn’t understand need or not. Craving nature doesn’t understand need or not; it just wants, just holds and cannot let go.