Good time to learn when you’re sick

| Kalaw Retreat 2016 Day 4 Dhamma Discussion Group D File: 20160331 (36:05-37:15)

Meditators and non-meditators react differently when they are sick. Long time meditators when they are sick, the mind calms down, more aware, don’t think too much; the mind is more passive. Non-meditators become angry when they are sick, and then the mind exaggerates the anger.

Thinking the right way – it is not personal, it is nature, it is a physical process, it is a mental process, it becomes nature - then the mind becomes more interested.

If you think ‘I’ – ‘I’m sick, my body is sick, my mind is sick’ – then anger comes and the mind becomes more messy.

When you’re sick, it is a good time to learn about this process, how the mind reacts to this object.