Recognizing wisdom (Part I)

| Kalaw Retreat 2016 Day 5 Dhamma Discussion Group B File: 20160401 (00:40-02:32)

If you don’t have wisdom, you’ll know. How do you practice? When you know how to be mindful – to be aware, to have right attitude and right idea - this is also wisdom.

You can also feel the interest; interest is also wisdom working. And wisdom also wants to know. Not only lobha wants to know; wisdom also wants to know, but simple and honest. It wants to know what is real; and also you can feel wisdom.

And also you understand the nature of the object/experience. Now you don’t have to be reminded; this is also wisdom. What is this? This is nature and there is nobody there; this is wisdom.

Do you have doubts about the practice? Confused? This is delusion, the opposite of wisdom. When there is no doubt, no confusion, that means you know clearly how to practice – that is wisdom too.