|Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2017 Vassa English Interviews 170914 (41:26-42:41)

You need to practice in daily life – try to know your state of mind in whatever you do. You need to practice in your life because you don’t do them here in the center. Try to practice in any situation. The new yogi tries to maintain the awareness in every action, every moment and every posture. He learns how to be aware of the mind, how to be aware of the body moment to moment, trying, trying... making it into a habit.

You need to practice in the same way in your daily life. Then you can maintain your awareness in the job you’re doing. So, meditation and life must be together. Now, the practice is not in real life yet – you should practice there. Now you learn how to practice, now you know how to practice; then, you apply in your life.