| Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Retreat 2013 Guided Meditation Part 2 (37:52-40:23)

If we’re aware when defilement arises, the defilement decreases or stops; it cannot overwhelm the mind. So, how much relief is it to the mind?

If awareness is not present, the defilement can continue to grow slowly and exaggerate the intensity of the defilement. If we don’t notice, they will grow and continue to grow and grow. 
So, if you’re aware and wisdom is present, the defilement cannot overwhelm you, it cannot grow – this is a lot of relief to the mind.

You need to appreciate awareness is present – knowing something doesn’t go to waste. It is something, it is learning because we’re collecting information.

Knowing and not knowing are very different.

When you’re aware and you see clearly what is happening, the knowing mind is happening.

When awareness is absent, you won’t know anything about what is happening.

There are many levels of knowing – knowing the object and knowing the characteristics of the object are very different.