| Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Retreat 2013 Guided Meditation Part 2 (28:50-30:53)

When the mind is peaceful, know that peacefulness is just a state of mind; it is a kind of object that is neither good nor bad. Calmness is calmness; peaceful is peaceful.

If you think that peaceful is good, understanding cannot arise because you cannot understand anicca, dukha and anatta.

We need to think as it is. For most yogis, when the mind becomes peaceful, effort slowly becomes less and less and craving enjoys the peacefulness. That’s why sleepiness arises because we think peacefulness is good.

Experience is just experience; just an object that is subject to change. Knowing mind or awareness mind also changes – any experience is new, arising, new, arising. Everything is new – happening, new, happening.

This is life – life means happening.