| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2017 Vassa English Interviews File:170811 (14:55-16:35)

Sayadaw: We have lots of ideas; they are already there whenever we do anything. If you notice, you can see what ideas push you to do whatever you do. If you can see your mind nature, then you can change your mind. If not, whatever you do, the same response pattern arises.

Yogi: All my life, I thought that it was normal to respond with stress, anxiety, and anger.

Sayadaw: If you don’t notice the subtle mind, then the defilements grow bigger and bigger. If the mind notices the beginning of the small situation, then the defilement cannot grow. It is important to be aware of our subtle thoughts. If the thoughts have become big, then it’ll take an hour or two to calm down; but if the mind notices the beginning of the thoughts – the beginning of the defilement – then when the mind notices, it subsides.

Defilement starts small – it cannot be ‘’big’’ immediately. If awareness and wisdom is sharp, the mind can see subtle levels easily.

Subtle level means the beginnings of a thought. Westerners call it unconscious mind.