| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 10 (43:55-45:15)

Yogi: If I practice too much I have problem sleeping during retreats.

Sayadaw: You cannot sleep not because you practice too much. It’s due to wrong practice that the mind cannot sleep. The mind used too much energy.

Another reason is that when the awareness is very sharp, the mind sleeps less. Because the mind is being aware all the time, it becomes awake; so, the mind doesn’t want to sleep too much. It sleeps a little and then it wakes up.

If you use a lot of energy, the mind gets restless and cannot sleep. That’s not good.

If the awareness is sharp and the mind is calm, and as a result, it cannot sleep, then, there’s no problem.

When you cannot sleep, you can stay on the bed and just keep checking if the mind is relaxed and peaceful. If it is tense, then it is not good.