| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 10 (1:19:00-1:10:11)

Yogi: During walking meditation, I often experienced that my breathing stopped, no feeling, no body, and no awareness – just a knowing mind that sees the body walking.

Sayadaw: This is some experience – breath stopping is impossible. Breathing is there, but the mind cannot know because it’s subtle. Body disappearing is also impossible – if disappear, how to walk? The mind cannot be aware, that’s why it cannot see.

It doesn’t mean that the body and breathing disappear if the mind cannot see them; just that the mind cannot know.

Awareness doesn’t disappear – awareness is there, it already knows the process; only that wisdom is not there.

Calmness is strong and awareness-wisdom is weak – the 5 Indriyas are not balanced. That’s why this experience happens.

You should try to investigate. It is better to think then – reminding and checking.