| Singapore Aug 2018 Dhamma Discussion File 37MB (11:04-14:49)

What is the difference? Very different, right? 

The mind already knows that it is different. But you don’t know what the difference is.

When you notice these things, be a bit curious about what is happening. Just look at it more carefully. At that time, don’t just recognize the experience is different and carry on.

When I was working, I was more aware of knowing the seeing. I asked: What is the mind knowing? The mind says: Seeing. Who is seeing? I’m seeing. Very obviously, I’m seeing. So, I continue to be aware of knowing the seeing: seeing, seeing, seeing. Then seeing changed: seeing is happening, not that I’m seeing.

In the beginning, wrong view is already there. Later, the wrong view disappears. The idea is very different.

When ‘I’ is not there, it is not normal view; the view has changed. That’s why we say it is different.

When awareness comes back, I tried to be aware of seeing. Then, who is seeing? I’m seeing and I’m hearing are already there. Okay. Then, I continued to be aware, aware, aware.

Then, for me it’s very easy for the view to change to seeing and hearing are just happening. Nobody is seeing or hearing. This understanding comes easily to me.

Your mind already knows that the view is very different. What is different? It’s not clear, right? You keep watching with curiosity. The next time the view is different, just ask with some curiosity: What’s the difference? That’s enough.

When the mind changes, the view immediately changes too.