| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa Chinese Interviews 20190920 (15:45-19:13)

Lobha has many characteristics, but basically, lobha is sticky, sticking to the object.

Lobha shows itself differently for different people. During eating, some eat very fast and some, very slow. Who is greedier?

Lobha is expressed in many ways – some like the taste, some like to eat, and some like to finish it. Eagerness is the expression of lobha.

Some eagerness shows as wanting to eat fast or to eat more; some like to eat slowly for a long time. But the basic nature is sticking to the object.

How do you know that this is lobha? You already know the characteristics, the nature of lobha, that’s why you can say that you have lobha.

If you understand that lobha is suffering, why is lobha still strong?

This is because there is not enough understanding. You need to learn more – again, again and again. If every time you notice lobha, you also notice there is a lot of suffering, then lobha gets less and less. So you need more learning, more practice.