| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa Q&A English Interviews 20180925 (15:55-20:25)

Yogi: I had a problem with my parents and get really angry with them.

Sayadaw: If you think of your mum, the story of your anger, you’re not watching your mind. Your mum is not the problem – you need to talk about anger, not your mum.

Why do you watch your anger? You see the anger and you watch the anger – what is it for?

You want to understand, or you want it to go away? If you want to understand, go ahead and watch.

There are many reasons why anger arises, right? 
A meditator’s objective is to learn about the nature of the mind. Don’t forget this.

But yogis try to resist the defilement and make it go away. Because of the suffering nature of anger, they want it to go away. This is wrong attitude – we need to be interested in anger.

Whatever story, we are not interested in it; we’re interested in the anger nature.

When anger comes, the mind thinks about the storyline. If anger is still there, continue to watch anger. When there is totally no anger anymore, some positive idea will arise. This will happen naturally.

Just be interested in watching the anger. Who is anger? Anger is what?

Anger decreases when any understanding arises. There are many ways to understand anger and we cannot say what understanding will arise; we just need to be interested in anger.