| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 7 (13:00-17:56)

Sayadaw: If you observe the experience with anxiety, you’re not watching with the meditating mind. That’s why the tension continues all the time.

It is very good that you notice both tension and anxiety – it is very important to take care of this anxiety first; if the anxiety disappears, then the tension will also go away.

This realization is also wisdom because you have noticed that behind the tension is the anxiety. If you understand what causes the tension, the tension will go away.

Yogi: The tension is because of an old injury 20 years ago. The injury results in not enough air and qi energy going up to the brain from the body.

Sayadaw: You think of a story and the mind believes this story; that’s why the mind resists this pain process. This is not real; it is a problem with imagination.

Whenever you notice this pain, try to watch your feelings and thoughts. Pain is not the problem; the problem is anxiety. Anxiety creates this story.

Delusion mind thinks of something and the next delusion mind believes it is real.

Yogi: I have real anxiety because I’m afraid the tension will result in stroke or dementia and I have to be looked after.

Sayadaw: Fear is more important; don’t pay attention to the pain. Learn from your mind. If there is no anxiety anymore, you’ll learn something and realize something, and you’ll let go of your anxiety – then, all problems will be gone.