| Singapore Q&A 15 March 2019 Part A (24:03-25:36)

Don’t think that a retreat is something special. If you think it’s important, you’ll exert a lot of energy.

Yogis go all out during retreats because they don’t practice continuously at home.

I advise yogis to take it easy and sleep on the first day – no hurry, go and sleep first.

You have worked hard and are tired in your daily life; so, when you come to the centre to meditate, you are bound to be sleepy in the beginning.

At the start of the retreat, we don’t have much energy and are often sleepy because of our hectic and stressful life.

So, I say sleep first and don’t meditate on the first day – sleep the whole day, no problem. Only start to meditate the next day, but slowly and steadily.

I know the yogis’ mind – they strive too hard at retreats.