| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 8 (2:22:01-2:28:00)

Now we are practising satipatthana meditation, we are watching ourselves (mind and body processes). If you can watch and handle your defilements, then external things like ghosts will not be a problem.

If your awareness, samadhi and wisdom are increasing, the wholesome quality will do their job. Because of the wholesome quality, the mind is peaceful and there is understanding; the mind can accept anything – so, there’s no problem anymore.

External things are not the problems; defilements are the problems.

Yogi: But when the ghost attacks, the mind is interrupted / disturbed and cannot practice.

Sayadaw: The mind nature has its own process – only happening and gone. Nobody can interrupt the mind. The mind process is happening; it is a natural process.

Whatever you see or feel, use it as an object and try to be aware. Don’t pay attention to the external concept – pay attention to your six sense doors and use feeling and sensation as objects.