| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 9 (49:55-52:33)

When you’re tired and the mind is complaining, don’t let the mind continue to think and complain. Change the direction because when right thought comes in, the meditating mind also comes in. Otherwise, it’s a dead end.

[Yogi’s note: Ask ‘beneficial or not?’]

Better not to complain about what is happening, rather think what to do. It’s the same in life. What people habitually do is to complain – why is this happening and why me – but it is not beneficial; better to think what to do about it.

Think about the cause (what to do) and don’t complain about the effect (what has already happened).

If the reaction in the mind is too strong, stop thinking and watch the reaction until the mind calms down. Then, think about how to do better.