| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 1 (50:11-51:40)

Don’t jump in to watch the pain. Watch the pain slowly, slowly, because if you try to watch too hard the pain will increase.

Handling the pain is not important yet. It is more important to learn how to watch the mind because when the mind becomes relaxed and strong again, then you are ready to watch the pain.

So, when you watch pain, take care of your mind first – check if the mind is reacting or not. If the mind reacts, you shouldn’t watch the pain. You should watch the reaction instead.

If the pain increases, you should change your posture; if the pain decreases, you can go back to watching the pain.


Yogi: I notice the tension and the mind not resisting the tension. Also, there are 2 objects: one is the tension and the other is the mind that notices the tension.

Sayadaw: That’s very good. This is called the complete picture; the mind sees the whole picture.