| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 11 (6:50-10:20)

Yogi: Every time unpleasant experiences arise, I feel that they are incorrect in meditation. And the mind will say ‘Stop this and stop that’. There is a lot of self-judgment.

Sayadaw: Experiences are not the yogi’s responsibility – they have their own cause and effect processes. Experience does not indicate whether meditation is right or wrong. Whether meditation is right or wrong depends on the quality of the meditating mind. Is the meditating mind wholesome or unwholesome? Is the meditating mind liking or disliking the experience?

Experience is sometimes good and sometimes bad; we cannot have what we want. When the mind complains it is because it is not contented with oneself. It is also because the mind has made a habit of judging, time and time again; that’s why this cause and effect process comes. That is why you cannot stop the defilement from happening.

Don’t say “It’s okay” whenever the mind rejects the experience. Every time this mind arises, just be aware, aware, aware. Don’t let it continue to talk. Continue to be aware, aware, aware. When awareness comes, the defilements stop. And continue to watch, they get weaker and weaker. Next time they come, continue to be aware. Later they will have no chance to arise.

Defilements get to be so strong because of habit – come, come, come. You need to be aware and learn. Every time you are aware, slowly the mind understands something about this defilement nature. Because of understanding, the defilement gets weaker. Don’t try to say “It’s okay.”