| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 9 (01:00-03:00)

Yogi: I can be aware of many objects but I cannot notice my attitude.

Sayadaw: Checking attitude is more important than being aware of objects. It is only when the attitude is right that everything the mind does is right because if the attitude is wrong, whatever you do is wrong.

Checking that the attitude is right or wrong is the most important thing in meditation.

[Yogi’s note: Also, don’t be in a hurry to meditate. First, remember the right view, e.g. this is nature; this is cause and effect; impersonal, neither good nor bad; there is nobody there; this is Dhamma; or this is Anatta.]

Yogi: When I’m aware of the body movement during walking meditation, I cannot be aware of looking at the ground.

Sayadaw: You focus too much. Naturally, the mind already knows that it is looking at the ground and the body movement. We just need to check if the mind is aware or not. That’s enough.

(Elsewhere: Too much concentration without awareness-wisdom is dangerous.)

[Yogi’s note: If we’re not looking, how else can we know where to put our feet? If the body is not moving, how can we get from here to there?]