| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 14 (30:55-32:52)

If you don’t know concepts, you cannot walk. Distance is a concept – how far you step when you walk is also a concept. Don’t try to get rid of concepts.

If the mind doesn’t think about concepts, the body cannot move. How far and how high are also conceptual. The mind needs to think about concepts.

Concept is not a problem during meditation. Yogis try to get rid of concepts when they meditate – only paying attention to reality, reality.

If the mind only understands reality, that’s not enough. It must also understand concept; then, we can use them both in daily life.

You cannot get rid of concept – without concept you cannot walk, you cannot eat, and you cannot do anything.

I need to explain this because yogis think that concept is not good, they only focus on reality. If you really understand reality, you also understand concept.

What is reality? It means that it is not concept. You need to understand what is concept, how the mind creates concept and how the mind pays attention to concept – you need to understand all these.

Wisdom understands what concept is and what reality is. Concept is sanna working – sanna is also a function of the mind.