|Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 1 (37:50-40:42)

Yogi: Some yogis walk fast and some walk slowly, what should I do?

Sayadaw: Stay with yourself and walk naturally. It is better to relax and practice naturally – then, as much as you can, be aware of yourself.

No need to control your action to make walking either fast or slow. Walk naturally – let nature happen and then try to be aware. If awareness is present, naturally, you cannot walk too fast. If you walk too slowly, you control too much, and your mind will be tense.

Our meditation object must be a natural process. This is the best way.

We want to understand nature, right? So let nature be.

Yogis learn in many ways, and some walk very slowly, but I don’t encourage slowing down. Walk naturally, and when the mind becomes stronger and stronger, the mind becomes faster. If you slow down to practice, because of habit, the mind cannot be fast.

If you practice walking slowly – and you don’t walk slowly in daily life – then, you cannot maintain your awareness in daily life.