| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa Q&A Chinese Interviews 20180920 (53:00-53:54)

It’s a habit that whenever thoughts come, we get caught in them.

In the beginning, we try to notice that the mind is thinking. That’s enough. Don’t pay attention to the storyline.

If we pay attention to the story, when defilement comes, defilement wants to continue to think. That’s why it is easy to get lost in thought.

So, just recognize, ‘Ah, the mind is thinking’ – that’s enough. Bring the awareness back to body sensation, back and forth. We learn to be aware of thoughts this way.

Later, the mind understands that thoughts are objects. When that happens, thinking can continue and awareness can also be present together.

For the present, just recognize that the mind is thinking and come back to body sensations.