| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa Q&A English Interviews 20180925 (37:42-38:15)

Yogi: When do I learn about anger?

Sayadaw: When your awareness is good; otherwise, when you use this object, the anger will come again. This is the mind pattern – when you pay attention to this object, anger will come again. If you want to learn about anger, watch it when your awareness is better.


When your awareness gains strength, the mind can naturally see new things. If you try to look for some experience, it becomes craving. If you cannot see, the mind becomes bored or upset.


Just build up your awareness. If awareness is stronger, you can see more subtle levels that you cannot see previously. You can see many new things that you cannot see at the gross level.

When awareness becomes stronger, the mind can see more detail and subtle level; then you become more interested. 
But the important thing is that you build up the strength of awareness first.

If you have expectation to see something new, you become happy when you get it and you become bored or upset when you cannot.

So, let awareness grow naturally – naturally, it can see more detail.