| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa Q&A English Interviews 20180925 (44:00-47:00)

Whatever you see when you close your eyes is only thinking – the mind creates the image. You don’t need to pay attention to it – it is only a concept.

You need to know that images can arise when the mind is thinking. Don’t believe whatever the mind says; just be aware of it. It’s a crazy mind – it can say whatever it wants.

Have you ever seen a green elephant? When you hear a green elephant, the image of a green elephant already appears in your mind. You think of a green elephant, and already the image appears in your mind.

This is the nature of the mind – when the mind thinks, an image appears. The image is not real.

So, when you close your eyes, whatever images you see are not real; they are created by the mind.

When your concentration becomes better, depending on your nature, you may see violent images or ghosts. They are not important, just the mind thinking, just imagination. There is no need to be afraid, sad or happy.

We can only trust wholesome or wisdom thinking. We cannot trust defilement thinking.

At first, we only know that thinking is happening. Later, we will notice that there is some energy – wholesome or unwholesome – pushing the thoughts.