Preparing for death

| Switzerland Retreat 2016 – 2016-05/28 D4 Group Interview (1:09:36-1:11:10)

When there are sensations in the body, pleasant or unpleasant, always remember to keep an eye on how the mind is feeling towards them.

As we get older, the body is like a machine that is getting old, the machine is not going to get better but we can keep the mind in good shape. The body won’t get better for sure; it will decay.

So, we want to prepare the mind to face this decaying body with the right attitude, and also in a sense, prepare for death.

If we see our bodily pains and aches and all that as nature as well, then it is freeing for the mind and we will feel ready to die, to face death peacefully.

Otherwise, when the mind is not prepared, it will resist death. We will be in turmoil.