When the mind is calm, throw in the questions

| Switzerland Retreat 2016 – 2016-05/28 D4 Group Interview (17:22-20:57)

When we are calm, it is the time to move forward beyond the calm. Calmness is not the destination; it is not the objective. We’re going to use the calmness so that we can move ahead. We investigate a bit more, look a bit more closely, and ask some questions. We start to look at what we have in our awareness.

You are being aware; what are you aware of? How clearly are you aware? Do you understand its nature? What is the awareness and what is the object? And you watch these experiences continually. What is understood when you watch something continuously? Do you see some connections between them?

Samadhi should be a support to gain wisdom. Yogis think that when they stay in samadhi, wisdom will pop up by itself; but that is the misunderstanding. And what happens is that they sit and indulge in it, not recognizing the greed and indulgence. The point is to become more alert when there is tranquility.