Boredom during Sitting

| SOM Vassa 2014 Q&A R05_0002 (52:25-54:35)

Do you know that boredom is also an object. You are already practicing; there is nothing more to do. You know what is happening now; that’s why you can tell me that you know your breath, thinking and feeling. That’s it. When agitated, be aware of the agitated feeling too.

You can know, right? And continue to know.

Whatever happens during the sit becomes the object. You have the wrong idea; that’s why you become bored. Because you think that agitation is not good. You need to think that agitation is also a kind of object. That’s it; whatever happens is the meditation object.

If you judge that it’s not good; then you become bored. You want a good state; you don’t like this state; and then you become bored. This is because of wrong attitude, wrong idea. So, you need to change your idea. Whatever happens, don’t judge it to be good or bad.

You already know that it is happening; everything is an object. If you think that it’s an object, then you become interested. If you judge that it is not good and you want something better, then you become bored. Because of expectation to have good states, then when you get bad states you become bored.

Whatever happens, let it be. Try to be aware and maintain the awareness continuously. You need to change your attitude.