Don’t try to see the object clearly

| SOM Vassa 2014 Interviews File: R05_0001 (13:41-14:45)

There is no need to see the object clearly, not necessary. You’ll use a lot of effort to focus; when you focus, the object is very close and becomes clear; but how long can you maintain this? It is very tiring because this is not natural energy. This is artificial; cannot stay for long. We need natural energy.

So, we do not try to see clearly, but we try to maintain the awareness continuously. That becomes natural energy and when the energy becomes better and better, it can focus itself. The object naturally appears; there is no need to force because the energy grows naturally.

Less energy means that you can maintain for a long time; and after a long time, this energy becomes stronger and stronger.

Yogis try too hard to see clearly because of craving, but it can only be maintained for a short time. You cannot maintain for a long time.