Get up from the cushion

| SBS 2013 Retreat – Guided Meditation 13-06-23 (28:18-31:21)

When I practiced in the centre - long retreats of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years - but did not continue when I returned to daily life, then defilements would overwhelm me. When I practiced in daily life, day by day, I would have to struggle. I would use every potential - awareness, effort, wisdom - to apply in daily life and slowly the mind became stronger because of struggling.

And in daily life practice, deeper understanding arises because of real situations, real experiences. Because of real situations, real defilements arise in daily life. So you must face this real defilement with real awareness, real samadhi and real wisdom. If your understanding, awareness and samadhi are not real, defilements are not afraid of you.

In your life you cannot cheat yourself; the situation will show you. Your quality of mind will show you; you cannot lie to yourself – it is real. You can see the real defilements in your life.

If your wisdom cannot handle defilement; defilement will handle you.