Mindful when using your computer and hand phone

| Gaia House Retreat 2015 – Interview Groups C & D, Session 1 2015-05/30 (53:25-55:40)

We all have weak points in our lives - like we’re able to be skillful in some situations and not in other situations. Whichever situation is our weakness has to become our special focus. How do I become mindful in that situation? We have to think about it, we have to practice; we have to try and try again. That has to become our project.

At work, it’s so real; there are things we really need to get done; the urgency grips us. So, we get lost very easily. So, if you want to become skillful at being mindful when you use the computer, you have to practice using the computer with mindfulness specially. That’s like a special skill set; how to have awareness at that time because that’s your weakness and also your need.

At home, whenever using the computer, you make it a special effort to be aware while using the computer so that you begin to learn your own lessons how to be aware when using the computer at work.

When you use the computer, it’s all thinking. The understanding of how to know that the mind is the mind becomes critical. When you can know the mind is doing all this, when you bring in awareness, you then do it.

You make it a habit that every time you look at your phone, every time you look at your tablet, you look at your computer, you’re aware. It must become a habit then it comes into when you’re working. So, then it becomes you touch the computer and awareness comes, that’s the trigger for awareness to be there. So, you’re building a different skill set.

We all need that.