Our energetic teacher

| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya: Malaysian and Chinese Group Interview 2017-Jan 08 (1:17:57-1:19:26)

When I first started to teach, I wanted very much to help the yogis. I talked a lot; I had a lot of energy. In the old Shwe Oo Min Centre, I would interview yogis from 4pm till sometimes 10pm, 6 hours non stop, continuously sitting there. Yogis kept changing – they would come and go, and I would continue to talk for a long time; I had so much energy.

Sometimes, I would talk and talk, take a shower in between interviews and return fresh again.

Once I was explaining to some yogis when suddenly one mind said ‘Sometimes people cannot accept as there are many conditionings’, so wisdom said ‘You cannot do what you want’. Then I would immediately exert much less energy.

It was like this in the beginning as I was not skilful in communicating with the yogis. The yogis were very different with many minds. Sometimes they would be angry with me when they expected me to praise them and I didn’t.