Walking and open eyes meditation

| Bangkok 2015 Retreat Day 1 Instructions (40:50-43:15)

Being aware of yourself, if you don’t know what to pay attention to, or if you feel like you’re confused, you can start by being aware of the movement of your feet, or the touching of your feet every time you put down a foot; something simple just to ground you, something to do continuously.

And as you continue to be aware of one thing, you will begin to notice other things. So, you start with the touching of the feet, and you also begin to know the motion of your whole body and feel different sensations, and then you begin to notice things happening in the mind as well even as you walk.

When we sit, it doesn’t matter whether we close or open our eyes because when the eyes are open, you can also be aware that you’re seeing. So, that’s something else that you can be aware of. Why don’t we start with being able to see as well; being able to recognise seeing, after all we need to in real life. If you remember, recognise that you’re seeing; that seeing is happening.

Seeing is not about the things that you see – the trees and the sunlight and how green the grass is. It’s about the function of seeing, that you’re not blind, that seeing is happening – that when you open your eyes, seeing happens.

| SBS 2013 Retreat Introduction Talk 

If you close your eyes, you can meditate and you open your eyes you cannot meditate, then your samadhi is not strong enough. It is not real samadhi; your samadhi is useless because when you close your eyes you have samadhi and when you open your eyes you don’t have samadhi. You open your eyes, immediately your samadhi is gone, right?

Samadhi is not because of the eyes, it is because of the mind. When you have right view, right awareness and continuous practice, samadhi is already there.