Knowing our intentions to keep us mindful

| USA Spirit Rock 2015 Retreat Morning Instructions Day 12 – 2015-05/07 (1:45-8:48)

You can know the mind has intentions. Especially in our daily activities if we know our intentions, it helps us to transition with our awareness; it is easier to keep being mindful. It’s not only when we move that there are intentions; intentions are not only intentions to move. When we’re not moving, there are also intentions.

Where your hands are placed now, why are they there? It’s because the intention to remain there is operating. Intentions are there throughout our body.
When we go from the position of stillness and we want to make a movement, the movement begins with the mind; the mind first knows what it wants to move first, a limb or a part of the body.

When the mindfulness is good and when you can see the intentions, it brings the feeling of a great sense of continuity of awareness because the intentions are always helping the mind to transition the body from one posture to another, from one activity to another. So if you see the intentions, there is a great feeling of continuity through the transitions.

When we are only paying attention to the body, then we often lose the mindfulness when we move the body; when we change what the body is doing, there is a slight break in awareness.

All day long, we’re intending to look, intending to listen, intending to go, intending to do. Staying still, there is the intention to be still. There are the continuous intentions to stay still; with your eyes closed there are the intentions to keep the eyes closed.