Walking meditation

| China Retreat 2014 Introduction Talk

When you walk, do you recognise that you’re walking? Knowing that you’re walking is also awareness. Don’t control your action by either slowing down or walking fast. Just walk naturally and recognise your action as much as you can.

The Buddha’s teaching is the middle way – we’re not trying to walk fast or slow, just natural speed and recognize whatever is happening in the present moment. We’re learning how to practice from this retreat and apply it in your daily life when you return home.

In daily life, nobody walks very slowly, just natural speed. If you walk slowly here, you can’t apply it in your daily life.

In the beginning, you can start with noticing the movement of your legs or the touching of your feet. And slowly when you are aware continuously, you can know the movement of the whole body.

| Kalaw Retreat 2016 Day 6 Dhamma Discussion Group D (29:36-29:49)

When your hand is moving, you know that the hand is moving; when looking, you know that you’re looking; when your leg is moving, you know that the leg is moving, – you are practicing to stay in the present moment. It is helping your awareness to be continuous, to build up staying in the present moment continuously.

[Yogi's note: Remember that you’re trying to be aware, not trying to walk.]