When watching defilements brings suffering

| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya: Vassa 2014 Interviews File: R05_0009 (1:03:02-1:04:45)

Yogi: Continuing to watch aversion and craving brings a lot of suffering

Sayadaw: Important thing about vipassana is that you have right view and watch – the object can be suffering but the watching mind is equanimous. This is vipassana.

Face the experience; longer and longer, you become more skillful. People don’t want to face their suffering experience, that’s why the practice cannot mature.

Only if you cannot face the experience, then you can use a neutral object like anapana. If you can face, better to face the experience.

Vipassana is facing the experience and learning something from it. Face the situation; stay with it, not running away, and learn something – like a toll gate, you get money from any car passing through. Mind state is like this – let whatever happen and you get the benefit.