Learning why the wrong is unhelpful by watching

| USA Maui Retreat 2016 Q&A 2016-11/18 (45:43-47:14)

If we’re having a wrong attitude, all we have to do is recognize that; acknowledge it. ‘Oh! I’m having a wrong attitude anew. Oh, the wrong attitude is still here; I still want it to go away; wanting it to go away feels like this and like that.’ Just being with the moment; no longer trying to get it right.

Just seeing what the mind is doing, right or wrong. Because it is the process of seeing the mind do something wrong again and again that teaches the mind why it doesn’t want to do that anymore; then the mind learns, and then the mind on its own when it learns, it doesn’t go there anymore.

But if we don’t allow the mind to learn that lesson, if we don’t go through that, it will always try to get it right. We don’t learn why the wrong is unhelpful in a balanced way.

When we understand that it’s unhelpful, we keep away, not because we don’t like it, but because the mind knows that it doesn’t need to go there anymore.

That takes time.