How to practice for death?

| USA Maui Retreat 2016 Q&A 2016-11/17 (1:10:00-1:12:48)

The practice is our preparation for death. And if you want to check how prepared you are, check what your practice is like now.

Every day, how emotional do you get? Do little things bother you? Do bigger things bother you? How big a thing bothers you?

If quite a big thing bothers you, is death that bigger thing or bigger? This is how you check.

If something falls and breaks, how do you feel? Depending on how attached you are to the thing, right?

If you can’t stand something small breaking, then when our life is breaking – this life we have to let it go – how will we face that? Can we put that in perspective?

Day after day, how much are we able to maintain our composure, our steadiness of mind?