Thoughts don’t disturb you

| USA Maui Retreat 2016 Q&A 2016-11/17 (49:34-52:16)

You’re associating the inner babble with not calm; but inner babble has nothing to do with not calm or calm. You could be very calm and knowing inner babble. And the key is a shift in attitude, but the real breakthrough is when you see that the mind is just the mind.

Because now the inner babble has a lot of content. But when you see that all this is mind happening - when you see that thoughts are just thoughts; when the mind finally realizes that - then all is just a flow in that.

Now the mind’s attention is quickly recognizing the content of the thought because that’s its habit. It’s caught up with the content and so it feels pulled by the content.

If you would use a word to tell yourself like ‘this is happening’; what is important is the happening, the content is happening. This is happening and that’s all it is.

Listen carefully to this definition: that nature that thinks, that is the mind; so, if something is thinking, that is the mind. But we don’t see the thinking mind; we see the thoughts.

But if you see this as mind, then it’s not a problem; it is just an object.