| USA Maui Retreat 2016 11/16 Opening Instructions (23:30-25:05)

When I use the word ‘object’, I mean our senses. For example, it’s not the floor; it’s the seeing. It’s not the birds; it’s the hearing – that we can hear. Sound is an object, but when we interpret it as the bird, it becomes the next step that we can know. To remember that it’s through hearing and thinking that we can know the bird.

So, don’t forget that the object is our direct senses.

That’s why we don’t need a lot of energy to know the object because the object is our senses; and that’s so close to us that all we need to do is recognize it. And these objects/our senses are always available to us.

We’re constantly hearing, sensing, feeling, thinking and so on; the objects are always there, but what’s not so easily available to us is our recognition of it, our awareness of it, and the continuity of our awareness.