| USA Maui Retreat 2016
(11/21 Q&A (57:08-57:21)

The beauty of pañña – insight or realization or understanding – is that when it sees what is wrong, in that moment it sees what is right.


Any kind of insight is wonderful because it frees you from the suffering that you cause yourself. All our insights free us from the suffering we cause ourselves to the degree that the insight understands. (1:25:13-1:25:31)

(11/19 Q&A (37:39-37:42))

The good news is that when you see the mad mind, it is the sane mind which sees the mad mind.

(11/24 Q&A (6:05-6:15))

When wisdom is stronger, you will always notice that whatever the wisdom understands, it will also see what it was blind to before and understands now.