| Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Retreat 2008 Opening Instructions (41:21-42:51)

I’m not interested in the results, the experiences. I’m interested in the work – what were you doing that led to this? That’s called wisdom. When you understand the cause-effect process – understanding how something is done – that is the wisdom; the experiences are really not important.

There was a yogi who sat and watched pain for an hour – he reported that pain increased, pain decreased, pain increased, pain decreased; and that his meditation was going in circles.

What I saw was this yogi had been meditating for an hour; he was aware for one whole hour. He has had one hour of awareness.

That’s the difference between wrong attitude and right attitude – it’s a different perspective of the same situation. Wisdom sees the work that has been done; the defilement looks for the result.

The yogi sat there the whole hour hoping for the result that the pain would go away. He thought that meditation was if the pain went away. But that was wrong attitude and wrong view.

When the greed cannot get what it wants, then the mind is disappointed. But when there is right view and right attitude, then the person sees it from the right perspective – work has been done, awareness has been continuously there.

Then if the person sees that this is meditation, the person is encouraged. When there is right view, it is encouraging to the mind.