| Singapore Retreat 2014 141101 Discussion Group 2A (21:13-22:24)

I don’t have a one-hour sitting, one-hour walking schedule.

When we think about time and how long we should sit, it gives us stress, and it also gives us judgment “I’m a good yogi, I’m a bad yogi; long sitting yogi, short sitting yogi”. But it’s not important; what is important is the awareness, awareness all the time. I’m interested in your mind, not your posture.

When we meditate, the thing that makes us meditate is our ideas; our ideas are making us meditate the way we meditate.

So, the more right information we have, the smoother we find the practice because we have the right attitude and ideas about the practice.

[Elsewhere, Sayadaw: Sitting a long time is not important; being aware a long time is important.]