| Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Retreat 2013 (16.6.13) Guided Meditation

Don’t forget a yogi’s job, a yogi’s responsibility: only 3 things. Whatever happens, you must have the right view – right view means whatever happens, you must think as nature.

Seeing process is nature, seeing is happening. Hearing is happening. Seeing process, hearing process; this is a process. They are happening – cause and effect. Cause and effect process is just nature.

Without sound, you cannot hear. Because there is a mind, we can know the sound. This is a conditioning. Seeing consciousness, hearing consciousness is happening because of conditioning. There must be object, light, attention and also the eye must be good, then these 4 causes happening, because of these 4 causes then 1 eye consciousness can happen.

This is conditioning. Seeing process is happening; hearing process is happening. If any one of these 4 causes is not happening, then seeing consciousness or hearing consciousness cannot happen. It is cause and effect process.

When we hear and see, we think that hearing is me and seeing is me. We believe it is me. This is wrong view. Actually it is conditioning – just that seeing process is happening and hearing process is happening. You should think that it’s nature; so, you must have right view.

Everything is experience or object, there is nobody there. It is impersonal. It is because we think it is “I” and take what is impersonal as personal, then defilement can arise – liking and disliking, fear, anxiety, worry – because of concept or wrong view. So, you must have right view. This is understanding.