| USasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Retreat 2013 Guided Meditation

When your meditation is good, feeling is good, we want the experience to happen again. Expecting it to happen again, it is deluded nature. That’s why we try again; but actually it is also dukha.

Good feeling is also dukha. So, the more you understand about dukha, the more the mind becomes equanimous and detached. That’s why the feeling is peaceful, not agitated and more stable.

We do what we should do; we just do it. Delusion nature is: what we like, we do; what we don’t like, we stop. They are two extremes; because of liking we continue; because of disliking we stop.

But wisdom is not this. Wisdom considers should or not, need or not, necessary or not; and after understanding this, it does it.