| USA Maui Retreat 2016 2016-11/24 Q&A (1:06:00-1:08:13)

Yogi: How to rejoice in a good deed we have done without identifying with it?

Sayadaw: I didn’t say that you should not think the ‘I’; rather, notice that the mind is doing the ‘I’.

It is just about being real; there is no need to fix anything. There’s no need to become a good yogi. It’s about seeing what is in the mind as it is. That’s what will help the mind to grow.

So recognize the mind when it says: ‘Ah, I’m rejoicing in this – I feel that I have donated it. Oh, there is this sort of thinking going on in the mind.’

And, yes, in a mundane sense if somebody came and ask you ‘Who donated the chair?’ You’d say ‘I did’. Just to notice that – that’s all; it is not good or bad – there’s no blame or praise; just to notice.

I have pointed something about how the mind thinks in this situation. When you go home, you can continue to notice what the mind thinks, especially it’s easier to reflect back when you get frustrated with something and think ‘What’s the wrong thinking in the mind that has led to this?’

When you see it more and more, you can notice it sooner. It is a way to practice.