| USA Maui Retreat 2016 11/16 Opening Instructions (34:10-37:00)

Sayadaw: One of the ways is to bring in right view. What is right view? Right view is a way of thinking. And if we bring in this way of thinking, sometimes it can make our greed, aversion and delusion fall away momentarily so that we can watch objectively.

When we bring in these modes of right view – thinking about the fundamental nature of something – when we think about these truths and it rings true for us, it settles the mind at that moment. When it settles the mind, the aversion, delusion and greed that we might have towards the moment will fall away because we can feel the truth in the idea that we have brought in.

The right view that I would like yogis to use is the idea that these mental and bodily processes are processes of nature – they have their own nature; they’re manifesting their own nature and they’re showing their nature to us, and that’s something for us to learn from instead of taking it personally.

If we can tap into that truth and accept it, then we won’t be struggling so much with what we’re observing. We won’t be buying into the story “Why is this happening to me? Why am I thinking this way?”