| Singapore Retreat 2014 141106 Discussion Group 4A-4B (24:47-26:18)

When we focus, the first concept we pay attention to is location because we target a place and we put our attention there. So, we’re already paying attention to a concept; and then we try to focus more, more and more into that area. 

Don’t do one-pointed observation of the object; defocus. Just be aware. 

When we know, just know, we just know things as they are; it is harder for us to manipulate the experience and give it names and all that. 

Experience is passing by and you just know, you know, you know. But when you focus, you have to think of a place, the shape and all these things come on. 

When you want to hear something that’s soft, you start listening and focusing; you start concentrating and you start trying to listen to the meaning and all that. It’s the same thing that the mind does when it tries to focus on an object that you observe.

But reality only has nature; that nature can only be understood – it cannot be seen by focusing.