The mind going into a blur state

| Kalaw Retreat Mar 2017 - Day 2 Discussion Group A (05:10-8:55)

When you know that you’re in a blur state, you cannot just stay like that.

At that time, the mind is already lacking effort and wisdom; that’s why it is blur. You need to put in effort. Ask: Do I know properly? It’s blur – what should I do? Should I open my eyes?

You need to think of different ways to deal with it, but you cannot stay in the blur state and try to be aware because the mind is not strong enough.

How do you use your wisdom? Ask a question; think what to do. That’s it.

We must learn to recognize the states of our mind and learn what we need to do to adjust the activity of the mind to suit the state of mind.

If things are becoming light, bright and energized, we recognize that it is a good state of mind but we should also recognize that complacency can set in.

On the other hand, when you’re dull, you can’t continue like that because the mind is not strong anymore; it’s not active, energized and working anymore. So, you need to work the mind.

We constantly need to be checking what the mind needs in the moment. Checking also keeps us alert and active.